Safety/Community Affairs Policies

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Dalltech International Limited is fully committed to the enhancement of the Community, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (CASHES) issue at all times and prepared to ensure that these goals are achieved and sustained. In the case of each Project, Dalltech appoints a community liaison manager who is responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with any local community that are affected by the contamination and its remediation. Each community is also offered the opportunity to provide an assistant community relation officer from the Indigenes. The Dalltech liaison is charged with reporting to the community on a regular basis. These reports provide general information as to the nature of the project and its progress. The liaison is also available to answer questions or deal with any complaints.

The company upholds the following ideals as Safety goals:


  • The principle that all injuries can and should be prevented.
  • The need to provide safe facilities and procedures.
  • All equipment, which may cause injury, is safe guarded.
  • All staff should be trained to work safely for their own good and that of the company
  • CASHES meetings held regularly
  • Safety goals and objectives are set yearly.
  • Incentives and rewards are provided for good CASHES standards.


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