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´╗┐Saturday, Dec.

The drive by killing of a Las Vegas man and the shooting and knifing death of a vagrant, both at the hands of Metro Police officers, prompted Sen. Joe Neal, D North Las Vegas, to call for a review board that would be independent of Metro.

Neal's bill, which passed in the 1997 Legislature, provided for a Metro Citizen Review Board to be established under an ordinance to be written by the city and county. But Comprar Levitra what Deputy District Attorney Mitch Cohen drafted to set up the local board wasn't what Neal said he intended.

The proposed ordinance spells out exactly what the future board may investigate.

At the same time, the ordinance as it is written today makes it nearly impossible to investigate police misconduct, Neal said.

"The police review board is supposed to be independent in terms of its function," Neal said. "The local governments the City Council and the County Commission were to appoint and set up how they could function together. It was not the intent that they (governments) should limit the requirement of the state statute."

But the way the ordinance reads, if the drive by killing of 21 year old Daniel Mendoza were to occur today, it wouldn't allow for an investigation by a Metro Citizen Review Board of former Officer Ron Mortensen nor of his partner Chris Brady, who was never charged with a crime.

That's because the wording of the ordinance, drafted by the district attorney's office, which is counsel to Metro, disqualifies criminal investigation cases and appeals and coroner inquest cases. And Internal Affairs Bureau cases. And Civil Service Board cases.

Because Brady, who was off duty at the time of the shooting and at the wheel when Mortensen shot Mendoza, is under investigation by the FBI, according to the statute, that case would not qualify for investigation by the Metro review board. Mortensen was convicted earlier this year of first degree murder.

And if Henry Rowe, the vagrant who was killed in a wash after Detective George Pease admittedly sliced Rowe's neck with a knife and shot him at point blank range in the forehead, died today that case also would not be eligible for a Metro Citizen Review Board investigation because of the coroner's inquest.

Pease testified that he killed Rowe in self defense. A coroner's inquest jury said the homicide was justified. But many citizens, including members of the local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, used the case as an example of why there needed to be an oversight board to investigate possible police misconduct.

Neal Masterton Rentals said he fashioned the state statute around the San Diego Police Department's Citizens' Review Board on Police Practices.

Lt. Bruce Pfefferkorn, of the San Diego Police Department's Internal Affairs Unit, said the relationship between citizens and police "wasn't at its best" in the mid 1980s. Because of the review board, enacted in 1988, "it's a lot better today," "´╗┐Anadrol 50" he "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" said. Relations also improved, he said, because of "major changes in our style of policing and problem solving in the last four years, but the Citizens' Review Board was a major component of that positive change."

The 23 member volunteer board, which is appointed by the city manager, works under the city manager and is independent of the police department, he said.

"That's the point of the Citizens' Review Board," Pfefferkorn said. "It's not only the police department saying, 'These are our findings and this is the way it is.' The board reviews our investigations."

Also, the board, which is sworn to confidentiality, "gets it all they read the investigative reports and documents associated with the investigation, and listen to tape recordings. They get access to everything. They have the ability to review citizens' complaints of serious allegations use of force, improper and false arrests, discrimination or slurs."

It also may review officer shootings and officer involved traffic accidents that result in injury or death against a person, he said. The board members must go to the Internal Affairs Unit to review the cases, he said.

After a three person team reviews each allegation, the entire board votes to agree "Oxandrolone Powder India" or disagree with their findings. Their findings are forwarded to the Internal Affairs Injectable Steroids For Bodybuilding In India Unit, Pfefferkorn said. If there's a disagreement, representatives from the department, city manager and review board meet to discuss those differences, he said. The board then may make recommendations, which may include asking the district attorney's office to review the case to be forwarded to the Grand Jury or forwarding it to federal investigators to look into, he said.

The findings, which are not made public, eventually are mailed to the complaining party by the police department and the board.

In San "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" Diego, the board has been well received, he said.

"It's a very diverse panel of individuals with different educations, career experience, religion, age and ethnicity," he said.

Gary Peck, executive director of the Nevada American Civil Liberties Union, said he's optimistic Metro's board will also reach "a common ground."

"I have reviewed the ordinance and am persuaded that there remain serious differences of Masteron 50mg Week Trt opinion regarding how to create a genuinely independent and effective review board. But I am cautiously optimistic that those of us serving on the advisory panel can work together constructively to find some common ground."

According to the proposed ordinance, Metro's review board shall not have jurisdiction to consider conduct that:

is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation, including appeals, or which resulted in a criminal conviction or plea agreement;

is or was the subject of a coroner's inquest;

is the subject of an ongoing internal investigation by the department, including grievances, appeals and other forms of review;